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Here's what you need to become a professional cleaner and to start receiving cleaning jobs notifications or availablity.

Cleaning Services Team

1. Documents Required

To join our network of trusted and reliable team and start earning, make sure you have all these documents ready:

Proof of working rights.

For a New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident, provide us with a copy of your passport or residency visa. Otherwise, make sure you have a valid visa ready.

Police check.

You will need a New Zealand Police Check. If you don't have one, you can find more details here.

2. Choose your location and hours.

Choose the locations that suit your availability and find jobs that fit your schedule best.

Select Preferred Service Area

There's no need to travel long distances! You can work where you reside. You decide which service area you prefer.

Set Work Schedule

You select your own schedule. You decide which jobs to accept and to cater based on your schedule.

3. Do trial clean and start working

Once we approve your application, you will be scheduled for an introduction. This is to give you a brief about the company and also clear the scope of work and responsibilities on both sides. Then, let's start working.

Sign contract online.

We'll send you the contract and other pertinent documents, sign it and send it back to us.

Do trial service

To evaluate your readiness and previous experience, we'll need you to do a trail service.

Start working!

Start accepting jobs and building your schedule. With our expansion, there are plenty of jobs for those who want them.

4. We've got your back

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Fully insured

You're fully insured so you can have peace of mind and focus on your work.

Great pay

Earn up to $35 per hour from the get-go.

Full Support

By being part of our trusted network, you will gain access to our support should you have any questions or require help in any way.

How does it work?

Get regular work, more customers and choose your own hours.
Guaranteed online payments directly to your bank account
24/7 dedicated support should you have any issues
You choose the areas you would like to service
Flexibility to work to a schedule that suits your availablity

Join Our Team and Start Earning Today

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