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Is Professional Cleaning Required at the End of Tenancy?

Well, hello! What brings you here? Is it because you are at the end of your tenancy and wondering if you’re going to avail of professional cleaning services? Are you finding the answer to your question regarding professional cleaning being required because you’re moving out of your once-home? Perhaps you’ve keyed in “end of tenancy…

Is Professional Cleaning Required at the End of Tenancy?

Why You Should Clean and Sanitize Your Kids’ Toys and How to Do It!

The health of a child is the primary concern of every parent. Taking care of kids is a full-time job and maybe challenging at times. One of the most important parts is the cleaning and sanitizing of the house and belongings. Kids are extremely fond of toys and love to play with them on a…

Why You Should Clean and Sanitise Your Kids’ Toys and How to Do It!

4 Tips for Moving Out for First-timers

For first-timers, moving out is incredibly exciting. It can also be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you have not yet experienced the responsibilities of living on your own. After finding your place and settling down, there will be a very uneasy feeling of thinking about leaving your comfort zone. Here is a list of things you…

Moving Out Tips

Top 4 Cleaning Hacks for Disabled People

Having difficulty performing home cleaning due to disability limitations? You are not alone. Whether you are going through a temporary disability or living with a permanent disability, you share the same sentiments with plenty of our customers at Urban care. That is why aside from offering our cleaning services Auckland and referring excellent social workers…

Disability Cleaning Hacks

7 Healthy Habits for Home Cleaning and Organizing

Are general home cleaning or house cleaning and organizing not for you? Does the thought of doing it weekly or twice a week tire you out? Here are some habits to try and follow that would make your life a whole lot easier. Make the Bed Wake up in the morning and the first thing…

Healthy Home Cleaning Tips

Reasons Why House Chores are Not Making You Productive

If you enjoy or don’t mind doing the house chores, you are really patient and a lot of people admire you! As long as you can find time to keep pace with your house cleaning needs, why would you be hiring a cleaner? But… (yes there’s always a huge BUT) have you ever considered doing…

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