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Reasons Why House Chores are Not Making You Productive

If you enjoy or don’t mind doing the house chores, you are really patient and a lot of people admire you! As long as you can find time to keep pace with your house cleaning needs, why would you be hiring a cleaner?

But… (yes there’s always a huge BUT) have you ever considered doing other important things aside from house cleaning in Auckland?

3 Convincing Reasons Why You Must Be Hiring a Cleaner Now

Clearly, you could increase your knowledge in your profession and at the same time be relaxed in doing so. Why not buy in an online class to get certificates, try out a new hobby, find a side-line job, relax and read to enhance your vocabulary. Leave out the cleaning to a professional, skilled cleaner.

On What Matters the Most

Try to observe the problem by doing everything by yourself. It is human nature to insist on doing everything ourselves. Why? Because we refuse to let other people do the job for us. We feel that when we let go, we will lose control, people may mess things up for us. We think everything will become a disaster, and we will have to clean up the “mess” later on.

We almost always fear that hiring a cleaner is not the solution for a cleaner home because they do not know how we want our homes cleaned. This very problem stops many of us from being productive. Unlike other agencies and referral platforms, UrbanCare has the right system to enable users to select the services they need and request exactly what they want.

Think about it: no matter how productive you are, you can never accomplish the same amount of work that another person can do for you can accomplish in the same amount of time. Many hands make housework lighter.

Time Seems Shorter

Your time is valuable. You must always ask yourself whenever you are in doubt whether to do it yourself or hire other people, “Is your hourly household income higher than what you would pay for a cleaning service?”

If your answer is yes, then that alone should convince you to hire a cleaner instead of doing it by yourself. It is almost similar to hiring a babysitter to watch over your children so you can go to work. Conversely, there is no difference in hiring a cleaner and calling over a social services worker to look after your old parents so you can work.

Time, indeed, seems shorter. The more time you spend on things that would generate your income, the smoother life should be.

The Cost of Hiring Housekeeping

These are large cleaning services companies that employ multiple teams of two or more cleaning professionals, and if that is not what you need, then go to referral platforms like Urban Care to find the perfect cleaner.

Some national cleaning companies operate local franchises. Tip: Try not to go for franchises. Chances are the value of work and people will not be the same as the original enterprise. It is better to go for ones that have personalized services for you.

House Cleaning

Wrapping Up!

If you are looking to hire a cleaner, then look no further. UrbanCare is where you can find caregiver, social services workers, babysitters, and end of tenancy cleaning. Simply book, choose the necessary details, and wait for them to arrive on your doorstep ready to service your needs.

Check out our most recent press release with PR.co.nz HERE! See how we disrupted the industry for social services workers to make finding one easier and more reliable.

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