Is the Time You’re Spending on Cleaning Worth it?

The answer to this question clearly depends on the time you have every day, your activities, as well as your goals. In this article, you will not find the definite answer to the question but we enlisted factors that you must consider in deciding whether it is worth your time cleaning your home or is a house cleaning in Auckland worth your penny.

4 Factors Why Cleaning Your Home Might Not Be Worth Your Time

We’re not saying drop the broom and book cleaning services now, you still need to understand your needs in all aspects. Take a look at these factors that we suggest you consider when making the decision. These should help you find the answer to the posed question.

In the Financial Sense

Look at how economist Dr. Gigi Foster would. She suggested this question that you must ask yourself, “How much could I make per hour if I were working rather than cleaning my own house?” Yes, that’s right to think first. Instead of spending your time studying to increase your knowledge and advance your career, you are sweeping your living room. 

Take note, if you can earn more than what you could pay your cleaner, then it is a rational economic choice to book professional services rather than do it yourself. 

Aside from that, you are alleviating yourself from scrubbing, wiping, and vacuuming multiple times. There are only two reasons why it is still messy despite cleaning for hours. One, you don’t like what you’re doing. Second, you must simply not know how to do it right. Let skillful cleaners and housekeepers do it for you instead. 

When It Comes to Family Matters

Take a look at your daily activities as well as your weekend goals. Are you able to spend time with your children, family, or friends? If you are unsure whether or not you are able to do those things, then you have already come to a conclusion. The time you spend on house cleaning is taking away those precious moments.

Don’t set cleaning aside to join your kids in the backyard to play. Don’t skip vacuuming today so you can join your family in activities. What you have to do is realize that in order to keep your household of 3 or 6 members running is to have a housekeeper that can tidy your home regularly and when you need it.  

The Cleaning Industry

We don’t mean business and economics here but it is somehow related to the first factor that we explained. Whether you are an accountant, office clerk or manager, or whatever you do for a living, it is best to leave the cleaning to the cleaning professionals

According to economic theory, the total production of an economy is the highest when every citizen specializes in what they do best. Tally the time you do household chores and compare it to the duration a cleaner can perform the job in your home. 

Would the cleaners be faster than your average time? If so, then leave the cleaning to them. You are doing New Zealand’s economy for good. 

For Your Own Self

Let us all be for real. Enough talk about not having time to spend with important people in your lives. Ask yourself this, “Do I have the leisure time to pick up a book on my shelf and read where I left off?” or “When was the last time I picked up my brush to paint?”. Seriously, all work (including those household chores) and no relaxation can make your life pretty dull, repetitive, and boring.

Wrapping Up!

These factors we summed up for you are just some of those that are obvious but we just really need somebody to tell us so we know they are valid, economic, and reasonable life choices. Booking a house cleaning in Auckland means more time for yourself, your family, and the things you love doing!

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