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Moving Out Cleaning Problems and Solutions for Disabled People

Moving out is very difficult and tiring at the same time. Mentally and physically draining, mainly because of packing, cleaning, and thinking that you will be moving to a different country or state that you are most likely unfamiliar with. One of the challenges encountered by disabled people when it comes to transferring houses is house cleaning due to their disability limitations.

 Wanting to keep their houses clean, hygienic and presentable, they force themselves to do chores that are not safe for them which might lead them to more difficulties in the future due to accidents. Here are some tips to consider when moving out with disabled people.

Move out cleaning

Moving Tips For Disabled People

Tip #1: Create A List Of Items

List down items that are essential to our disability and keep in mind that some items should always be accessible to us at all times. Items like medicine and other pain killers that would ease unwanted body pains.

Tip #2: Labeled Boxes

If you are ready with labeled boxes, it is easier to pack and find things while unpacking or looking for important items that would be needed immediately or in the future for emergency purposes.

Tip #3: Ask For Disability Benefits

Before the actual moving date comes, know whether the place you are transferring to is honoring past benefits and services that the disabled person you are with will receive. Be well informed if you will need to re-apply to receive benefits and services, this will prevent you from worrying in the future.

Tip #4: Research For Near Health Care Services

Prepare numbers and locations for the nearest hospital, clinics, or health care services that you regularly contact for follow up check-up after moving to your new home to make sure that everything is fine. Make sure that you have refilled your meds before moving out, removing this from your worries during your move out.

Tip #5: Organizing While Unpacking

When hiring a company with unpacking services, make sure to keep a close watch when they pack for you to be able to instruct them on where things should be placed. It will be very difficult to move the sofa set on your own. 

Before letting the movers leave, have your last glance at your new home to see if you need any large items moved. Make use of the service they provide to make your life easier.

Tip #6: Pack Your Hand Carry Bag

Totally unloading your new home may take some time, so set up a short-term bag with your essentials including prescriptions, charging lines for wheelchairs and other equipment, and comfortable clothing for the night until the following day. Also include items that will make you most comfortable during the trip.

Tip #7: Check The Place Before Moving

Before moving out, have an early assessment of the place to see where it needs more improvement or just basic information of the place. Information like what way the door opens, passage width, counter-top height and requirements for ramps ought to be dealt with well early so you can move into your new home effortlessly. 

If you are leasing, discuss your necessities with your possible landlord to be certain that whatever adjustments are required will be approved. This will prevent unwanted accidents in the future.

Wrapping up!

Moving out is difficult for everybody. Searching for a new place, planning, packing, and searching for the best company that will help move your stuff is very tiring. For disabled people, it is even more difficult when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. Given their disability limitations, they will need extra care and assistance in everything that they do.

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