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The Pros And Cons of Contracting Out Your House Cleaning

If you hate cleaning and don’t want the hassle of finding professional cleaners do the job. Urban Care matches cleaning companies with customers. But is Urban Care worth it? 

Did you know that you are not only buying a clean house when you hire professional cleaners? You are also buying your time and peace of mind. Not to mention buying the expertise of these cleaning company crew to get the job done.

In hiring professional cleaners, you are paying for a service that you would like to accomplish yourself and with that comes a host of advantages and disadvantages. Here is a short rundown on hiring a cleaning crew. Hopefully, it will answer the question of whether they are worth every penny.


Consistent House Cleaning Schedule

Most of the homeowners in Auckland are busy with their work, kids, and a host of other activities. Not to mention urgent errands that come now and then. With their overloaded schedule, cleaning the house can get pushed aside.

Hiring professional cleaners will give you a consistent cleaning schedule because it is done by someone else. It means life will not get in the way of getting your house cleaned. All you need to do is schedule it and you will have a clean and tidy house all the time. 

Hiring for the Expertise

Just like when you are hiring a plumber or an electrician, professional cleaners are experts in their field. They know how to clean your house properly and remove tough stains and funky odour. When hiring from a cleaning company, make sure to discuss the specifics of the job before they start working on your property.

You are Buying Free Time

What is an hour worth of your free time? The no. 1 reason why people are availing of cleaning services is that they have more productive things to do with their time instead of cleaning. Hiring a cleaning company buys you free time to be with your family or work on other pursuits. If you are monetizing your time, then every dollar you pay for the cleaning service is worth it.

Flexibility in Schedule

You cannot control the situation all the time and plans don’t always go your way. The advantage of getting a cleaner from Urban Care is you can reschedule the service and they will not charge you a single dollar as long as you cancel or reschedule more than 24 hours before they arrive.


Expensive than DIY

When you hire for professional cleaning, expect that there is a certain cost that comes with it. Cleaning services are not expensive, however, they bring additional cost to the homeowner. It is the reason why many homeowners opt to do the cleaning themselves. Many factors could influence the price like size, the number of rooms you want to be cleaned. You should include them when thinking of hiring one.

They Will Not Clean Your Way

Professional cleaners have their way of cleaning the house. They use their cleaning supplies and methods that may be different from yours. Sometimes you could be allergic to their cleaning solutions. Since they don’t know how you clean, you may not be satisfied with their service once or twice. But it takes some getting used to and having an open and honest relationship with them can smoothen the entire process.

The Trust Factor

Another disadvantage of availing professional cleaners is dealing with a stranger in your home. You need to put a large amount of trust in them. Meaning, you have to be certain that the technicians will work with utmost honesty and respect that are a hallmark of professional service. This is why you need to talk with the cleaning company before hiring. 


Some people are afraid of availing professional cleaners with Urban Care. Others are raving about it. The answer to whether hiring a cleaning company is worth it depends on how much you value your time and what you will do with the extra hours you would have when you outsource your cleaning.

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