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The Pros and Cons of Using Move Out Cleaning Services

There are a lot of things going on when you are moving out of your home. Whether you are transferring to a new rental or letting the place to a new tenant, you have to leave the place clean and organized like when you moved in. It should be cleaned properly, especially if you are ending a tenancy agreement.

Whatever the reason for moving is, the property needs a thorough cleaning. There are two ways to get this done: you can clean the house room by room or hire professionals for move out cleaning. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

In this post, we are going to look into some of the pros and cons of hiring a professional to do the end of tenancy cleaning over rolling up your sleeves for some DIY move out cleaning.

move out cleaning

Advantages of Hiring Move Out Cleaning Services

The last item on your move out checklist must be cleaning the whole place. When you are at the bottom of the list, you’ll find that you don’t have enough time to steam the carpet, patch the small hole, or wash the walls. Don’t worry, you can get in touch with a professional company from Urban Care, a dependable platform available in NZ, for in-depth cleaning.

Here are the benefits of hiring a professional when you need to conduct move out cleaning.

  • It reduces the stress brought by moving. Moving out is not easy. It needs strategic planning to go through the process smoothly. If you have limited time in your hands to get all things done, you can hire professional cleaners to do the end of tenancy cleaning. You can schedule them on the very last day so that they can thoroughly clean the space.
  • You are guaranteed to get the deposit back. Given that the place has no damages, you can receive the full return of your deposit if the place is thoroughly cleaned. When you hire professional cleaners, they will meticulously clean all the areas, especially the kitchen and the bathrooms. Because they are in the business of cleaning, they can ensure that all areas are covered and receive your full deposit back.
  • It is favourable for the property owners. Rental properties require proper maintenance. This is why they need a security deposit from the renters. It serves as an incentive if they leave the properties in pristine condition when they move out. Otherwise, they will not get their deposit back. Once the tenant moves out and the move out cleaning did not satisfy the landlord, they can remedy this by calling professional cleaning services.
Disadvantages of Hiring Move Out Cleaners

Although you can benefit from hiring professional cleaners for your end of tenancy cleaning, there are also some disadvantages. Here are some of them.

Move out cleaning can be expensive. Of course, you need to pay the cleaners who will be doing the cleaning for you. Some may cost a lot, but it is possible to find cheaper companies, you need to choose carefully. The cleaning companies listed at Urban Care offer affordable yet quality cleaning.

Dangers loom when cleaners are not carefully vetted. Although cleaning companies conduct background checks on the staff, some providers are not honest. If you hire the wrong people, the property may suffer from incompetent staff. There is also a possibility of your furnished property getting looted.


Hiring professionals for your end of tenancy cleaning can have pros and cons. We recommend you weigh them and see if the cost is worth it. When you have made up your mind, log on to Urban Care and choose a company that fits your professional cleaning requirement.

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