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Why Did Urban Care Partnered with the ACC?

As a support worker provider, we understand how an injury can affect our livelihood, thus affecting our capacity to provide and take care for our family.

Urban Care, in sympathy with all support workers, would like to extend our appreciation to you by partnering with ACC, to give you assistance in you daily lives as you recover from your injuries.

The ACC Scheme provide 24-hour comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealanders and visitors to the country. One of its core functions is to reduce the physical, emotional and social impacts of people's injuries by funding timely treatment and rehabilitation that gets them back to work or independence as safely and quickly as possible.


You can now utilize your ACC claim by availing a Support Worker, Babysitting (Childcare) and Domestic Cleaner to assist you while you're recovering from your injuries.

We've got you covered

Support Workers play a vital role in supporting injured individuals in their home, while recovering from their injuries. You can hire a support worker to take care of your aged parent/s so you can focus on getting better. And you can also employ a support worker for personal care tasks.

Most kids are active, they love to run around. The smaller ones need to be feed and guided. With your injuries, it is difficult for you to take care of them. Urban Care provides child care or babysitting services so can rest easy that your child is being cared while you're resting and recovering.

Domestic cleaners perform all necessary cleaning activities in order to clean your home. Domestic cleaners can support you with your cleaning, may it be vacuuming, kitchen cleaning, laundry support a person with vacuuming, laundry or cleaning your kitchen.

ACC Claim - How it works

Here's our simple steps to book a support service from us. For a speedy booking, please watch out for our call.

Step 1: Apply

To get started, fill up our form and provide the required information.

Step 2: Contact

We will contact you once we received the filled-up form.

Step 3: Booking

After your booking confirmation, we'll provide the services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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