Best Way To Clean BBQ

11 Ways How to Clean a BBQ: Easy and Best Tips

Let’s face it – cleaning a BBQ is not an easy task. Suppose you don’t know how to clean a BBQ, which most women don’t. Fortunately, for gentle sex, this is usually the job of men.

Nonetheless, even men with all their rational thinking can encounter difficulties, especially if they don’t know where to begin.

So our team at Urban Care developed this BBQ cleaning guide using our professional expertise and knowledge.

In this ultimate house cleaning guide, we include all the information you need to clean your barbecue.

How to clean a BBQ

You must disconnect the gas first to ensure your safety when cleaning your gas BBQ. Next, remove all removable parts and clean them individually. Finally, wash the grill body, let it dry, and then reassemble the grill.

Here is the detailed process of how to clean a gas BBQ:

  1. Disconnect the propane tank from the gas line before you begin the actual cleaning process. It is the first and most important thing you need to know how to clean a bbq.
  2. Add dish soap to a bucket of warm water, and you’re ready to go. No chemicals are needed.
  3. Remove the grates and the metal plates. Basically, all the plates from inside the BBQ while they are still hot use work gloves.
  4. While the parts are still warm, scrub the excess fat off. As you clean the grill, make sure you scrub both sides to remove any fat that’s underneath.
  5. In a bucket of warm soapy water, clean all the hot plates, char grill plates, flame diffusers, and warmer racks using a sponge.
    Bonus tip: Use warm water and laundry powder to soak stainless steel food warmers for an hour. Then, use a scrubber to clean them, rinse, and dry them.
  6. Take a soft scouring pad and bathe the barbecue with hot soap water. Using BBQ wipes, you can keep your BBQ looking good between major house cleanings.
  7. Ensure all parts of the BBQ are completely dry.
  8. Make sure both sides of the grill are protected by spraying oil. To prevent the hot plate from rusting, ensure that the cooking surface is always covered with cooking oil.
  9. Don’t forget to cover your drip tray with a fat absorber and line it with foil. The fat absorber prevents fat from catching fire. Replace the tray under the grills.
  10. Reassemble the BBQ. Turn on the BBQ, connect the gas, and season the plates.
  11. Leave the BBQ working. Please do not turn off the BBQ for about 15 minutes to burn off anything that may still be on it.
    Bonus tip: Check the hose after each use and disconnect the gas. You will need to replace it if it is cracked or worn out. Regularly inspect your gas barbecue for safety, especially when house cleaning. There might be a problem with the gas seal and bottle hose. Rubber seals on gas hoses wear out over time, leading to a leak and an ignition while cooking.

Bottom line: Do’s and Don’ts about how to clean a bbq

DOs of how to clean a bbq

  • Cleaning public grills is a must.
    It is a good idea to cover the grill grates with foil and poke holes in them with a fork before lighting the barbecue. It serves a sanitary purpose and saves you time cleaning the grill afterwards.
  • Make sure you choose the right BBQ.
    Rust might be a problem if you live near the ocean. Consider stainless steel or enamel hotplates instead of cast iron ones.
  • Put a grill cover on Your grill will last longer if you do this. A rusty pile of metal might be waiting for you if you skip the grill cover after a few months.

DON’Ts of how to clean a bbq

  • You don’t have to remove all the grease.
    Even though you might want to clean your BBQ, you wouldn’t want to remove all the grease and leave it that way. Grease prevents the BBQ from rusting and dirt from sticking.
  • When cleaning a BBQ, don’t use harsh chemicals.
    In addition to harming the finish of the barbecue and its components, harsh chemicals will affect the taste of the food afterwards.
  • Do not disassemble gas components.
    It would help if you never tried to disassemble the gas components of a BBQ because it poses a safety risk. Having a BBQ party might turn into going to the hospital if not assembled correctly. For this reason, you should leave the gas components in place.

Check back here whenever you’re confused about how to clean a bbq, and you’re on a house cleaning spree. Urban Care always has you covered.

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