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5 Great Living Room Ideas for Small Apartments + Cleaning Tips

Everyone wants their small living room to feel comfortable and welcoming, both for themselves and for guests. Creating space without feeling cramped or cluttered is the trick, no matter its size. Unless you have a variety of decorating ideas, this can be challenging. Here are some living room ideas for small apartments so it has the look and feels it deserves.

You can decorate your home within your budget, which is the best part. It is still possible to get the look you want, even if your space is unique or not that large.

These living room ideas for small apartments will help you maximize your space, no matter what the reason is: whether it’s the square footage or an area that’s poorly designed.

House Cleaning
House Cleaning

1. Top tip for living room ideas for small apartments

One of the simplest ideas involves the sun. Arrange your room to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. For small spaces to feel bigger, natural light is essential. Avoid blocking your windows with large pieces of furniture. You should instead arrange your couches, futons, and comfy chairs in a way that allows as much sunlight as possible to beam in during the day.

2. Boost what’s natural

In a small living room, the sun won’t be able to shine all day, so a little carefully positioned lighting is essential. Ensure that the overhead light is bright enough at night. You may also want to consider adding a few floor or table lamps.

3. Highlight the view

Make the view from the living room window a focal point within the room if it’s a great sight. Place your furniture as close as possible to the window. Whenever you look out, you’ll automatically feel as though your space is larger.

4. Increase height with lamps

If you want to lighten up any dark corners, remember to include floor lamps in your design plan. Your living room will appear taller (and more spacious) with these sleek posts. One of the simple living room ideas for small apartments for anyone.

5. Get rid of harsh lighting

Whenever possible, stop using overhead lights if your apartment is older and they fill the room with shadows. You could also try using natural lighting or lamps instead. To create depth in the room, make sure the lamps are at different heights.

Select tables with glass tops to give your smaller living room a more spacious feel. It creates the same effect as your leggy couch by allowing more light through the furniture. This will create a more spacious feel without taking up any additional space.

Now that you’re all set for living room ideas for small apartments, it’s time to live in it. But after a long day at work, you come home and pass your tired eyes over the switchboard as you lean against the sofa. Having seen the accumulated dirt there, now you cannot unsee it. You realize that it is not alone there. There are dirty spots all over your living room. Do you think your living room may be dirtier than you thought? Here are our domestic cleaning tips to guide you step by step:



Top domestic cleaning hack: Always Declutter. ​Your living room also doubles up as your dump. The first step to cleaning it is to get rid of unnecessary items. Remove old newspapers, magazines, and leaflets.

Sweep and Dust

Dust can be removed from the surfaces of the furniture with a dry cloth. You can also dust lampshades and fan blades. To achieve the same result, you can sweep the corners and edges.


Domestic cleaning top tip: Vacuuming is a must. Once you have finished dusting, vacuum all the carpets, couches, and curtains that can be vacuumed.

Wipe and Mop With a Microfiber Cloth

Following the dusting and vacuuming, it’s time for the dirty work. To remove greasy dirt that accumulates on fan blades, soak a microfiber in soapy water and use it. Additionally, make sure you use a coaster on your tabletops to prevent cup stains. Intricate showpieces, curtain rods, doorknobs, handles, and switchboards can also be cleaned with microfibers.
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