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8 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

Our carpets are one of the most significant investments we have made at home. As such, we want to prolong its life by giving it the care it deserves.

We have spent a considerable amount of time choosing its colour, materials, and pattern to have the perfect rug that would complement our home, it is but right to maximize its lifespan. By taking good care of our carpets, we can achieve this.

Unfortunately, many people commit mistakes when doing their carpet cleaning Christchurch. They thought that their efforts were enough to keep their carpets in the best condition, only to realize that it only causes them to wear prematurely.

Carpet Cleaning

To keep you from committing the same mistake, we have asked a professional carpet cleaning crew about what you should avoid when cleaning your rug.

  • Aggressively scrubbing the stain on the carpet. Rubbing the carpet too much is not only an ineffective way of carpet cleaning Christchurch, but it will also damage the carpet fibres. Using too much elbow grease, you are most likely pushing the stain deeper into the carpet instead of removing the stains. The scrubbing action untwists the twine, causing them to fray.
  • Not using runners or area rugs on busy areas of the house. Runners are elongated rugs for high traffic areas. It serves as protection on the carpet to prevent wear and tear. If you don’t put runners, the worn area of your rug needs to be replaced sooner than the rest of the carpets. With an area rug, you will prevent this from happening.
  • Not removing the stain at once. If you don’t act fast enough on the stain, it will be harder for you to remove. The secret to effortless carpet cleaning Christchurch is to blot the spill immediately. Not doing so will cause the liquid to get soaked into the carpet fibres and be absorbed by the carpet padding. Soon you will find it too late to remove the spot, odour, and even moulds.
  • Using the wrong carpet cleaning products. Another mistake that most homeowners make is not using the right cleaning solution for their carpet. This could lead to permanent damage to the carpet and even discolouration. Don’t let this happen to you. If you cannot hire professional carpet cleaning, research the cleaning products that you can use on your carpets.
  • Not vacuuming enough. Many people make the mistake of not vacuuming their carpet thoroughly. Don’t wait until the dirt and debris pile up on your carpet. Schedule regular vacuuming at least once a week, especially if you have pets.
  • Not using deodorizing power correctly. Don’t make the mistakes of using carpet deodorizers without cleaning the carpet first. It is used only to make the carpet smell nice and not as a substitute for cleaning. Using the deodorizing incorrectly can even leave a gunky buildup over time.
  • Using too much chemical in cleaning the carpet. In carpet cleaning Christchurch, the belief the more is better does not apply. Instead, excessive use of cleaning agents can damage the carpet and leave a residue on the fibres, attracting more dirt in the process.
  • No regular cleaning by experts. The same with you visiting the dentist regularly, you need your carpet cleaning handled by a professional to extend its life. According to carpet manufacturers and cleaners, it should be cleaned every 12-18 months by a certified technician.
Wrapping It Up

When hiring a carpet cleaning professional in Christchurch make sure to use the Urban Care app or visit its website. It has a roster of certified technicians in the latest carpet cleaning standards.

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